Psst. Have you heard the news?

Freight Audit and Payment is now a part of Körber Supply Chain Transportation Spend Optimization

Same powerful product.

Same passionate people.

Same proven results.

In September 2022, Körber acquired enVista’s Freight Audit and Payment asset (FAP) — for enterprises with dynamic supply chains looking to simplify complex transportation operations.

We are still working with our friends and strategic partners at enVista to ensure a smooth transition. To make it easy, you can still use this form to request more information.

Körber helps shippers reduce true total transportation spend across all types of freight and drives operational improvements across supply planning and merchandising.

Why Brands Choose Us

We audit over 5,000 carriers, all modes of transportation, transact stable currencies and translate 14 languages in 100+ countries in myShipINFO® to provide our clients comprehensive global coverage.
  • Reduce Shipping Costs
  • Streamline Financial Complexity
  • Strengthen Shippers of Choice
  • Transform Data into Actionable Intelligence
  • Eliminate NVA Workflows
  • Delight Our Customer’s Customers