Conquer supply chain complexity!
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We conquer the complexity of your cold chain!

Cold chain challenges can push operations to their breaking point. Cold store warehouses are incredibly harsh environments to work, with regulations often limiting how long employees can work before they need to take a break and warm up. Moreover, tracking temperature, humidity and product movement are critical.

The answer? Körber’s automation and robotic solutions for cold chain operations that boost productivity by automating manual processes. Körber offers both consultancy services and advanced technology solutions, aimed at optimizing the different processes and stages of your cold chain.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve material flow
  • Increase accuracy
  • Streamline your operations

Download our case study and white paper to learn more about automation solutions to improve your cold chain operations and processes.


Automation is an effective way to streamline operations in your cold storage warehouse or deep freezer distribution center. Körber offers key insights to build the best automation solution based on your unique requirements.

End-of-line (EOL) palletizing play an essential role for the efficiency of your production and packaging lines, as well as the quality of your entire cold chain.

From manual racks to fully automated warehouses, choosing the technology combination that best fits you is critical to guarantee a seamless cold chain.

Order Fulfillment

To combine the efficiency of automation with the flexibility to fulfill a variety of order structures, operations can combine layer picking and goods-to-person case picking.